Maaa! I’m Estella Aubrey Borealis, but you can call me Stella. I was born on March 4, 2012. I am a black Nigerian Dwarf mix goat with blue eyes and white markings. I love playing with my mom, Luna, jumping on rocks and trees, frolicking in the field, and chewing on just about everything. But most of all, I love people. I especially like jumping on my owner’s back and sitting in her lap.

I love learning tricks with clicker training! Some of my favorite tricks are go between (go between my owner’s legs), cop cop (walk with my feet on my owner’s feet) and hup (walking on my back legs). When I grow up, I want to be an amazing caprine free-stylist. I love treats and if my owner doesn’t give me the treat right away, I do all the tricks I can think of, then she usually gives it to me.

Thanks for visiting my page!

~ Stella


–picture coming soon–

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