Meow! My name is Mollina Alisha Pussyboots (aka Mollie) and I’m the queen of the house. My favorite pass-times are sleeping, eating wet food and sitting in the sun. Training sessions treat time is the best, I wave my paw or sit pretty and get delicious treats. You can see videos of my treat time here¬†and here. Below my photo is a complete list of all of my tricks. Well, it’s wetfood time and I’ve got sleeping to do. See you later.

Catnip, mice, rats, birds and fluffy beds,

Queen Mollie





























Here is a complete list of Mollie’s tricks.

1) Sit

2) Touch nose to target stick

3) Beg/sit pretty

4) Touch object with paw

5) Shake

6) High five

7) Wave

8) Reach down (reach fore paw down)

9) Lick my cheek

10) Spin

11) Put front paws on an object

12) Jump from one object to another

13) Jump through my arms

14) Jump onto an object


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