Complete list of Tessa’s tricks

on July 31, 2011

1. Sit

2. Down

3. Wait

4. Get it

5. Drop it

6. Leave it

7. Bring an object to me

8. Kennel up

9. Wait by a door

10. Watch me

11. Come

12. Play dead

13. Bow

14. Sit on swing

15. Stick ‘em up

16. Spin

17. Roll over

18. Paws up

19. Jump up onto an object

20. Run backwards around my legs

21. Heel

22. Side (go from facing me to the heel position)

23. Leg weave

24. Weave walk (weave through my legs while I walk)

25. Cop cop (stand in between my legs and put your paws on my feet and keep them there while I walk)

26. Rear end awareness (put front paws on an object and orbit that object, moving mainly back end)

27. Jump over object

28. Jump through hoop formed by my legs or arms

29. Jump into my arms

30. Shake/Paw

31. Speak

32. Wave

33. Put toys away in a box

34. Open crate door, go inside then close it

35. Open fridge and bring me a lemon

36. Bring me a tissue, then throw it away

37. Bubbles (put nose in water and exhale from nose)

38. Dig (in water, in dirt or scratch paws on mat)

39. Howl

40. Nose target

41. Paw target

42. Catch a toy

43. Climb ladder

44. Run up or down a slide

45. Jump off of an object

46. Jump into a box

47. Head in cup

48. Prayers

49. Balance object on nose

50. Go through an agility tunnel/chute

51. Close cupboards

52. Push ball with nose

53. Walk the dog

54. 3-2-1 Let’s Go!


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