Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! [video]

Here is our short Saint Patrick’s Day movie. The tricks performed by Java and Tessa include, leg weave, paws up, the sword fighting trick (jumping over moving stick), cop cop (your feet on mine), go around, bow, go under, go under, spin in sync. with me, jump over the stick, fetch.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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Tessa plays frisbee – practicing throws [video]

Here is a movie of our latest frisbee tricks, butterfly throw, off the wall and behind the back throws. I’m not that good at throwing, but Tessa makes up for it with the catching. 🙂

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Fun and recalls [video]

Here is a movie of me practicing recalls with Tessa as well as other fun things that we do up on the hill. Socks, the cat, likes to follow us and watch Tessa. Socks doesn’t like walking on grass, so she either jumps from rock to rock, or sits in one spot until we have gotten far away from her and then, she comes running up to us as fast as she can.

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Mollie’s 4 tricks [video]

Here is a short movie of Mollie’s tricks, beg, shake, wave and sit. I just wanted to post a short movie of her tricks because she know the verbal cues for them now. In my movie “Mollie’s 14 tricks” on my main channel, she only knew the hand signals. She is getting better.

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Tessa’s cop cop – forward and backward [video]

This is Tessa’s cop cop as of today. I have added the verbal cue and more steps forward. Now we’re working on steps backwards.

Stay tuned for a tutorial!

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Tessa’s cop cop [video]

This is Tessa’s cop cop so far. I’m still not ready to add the verbal cue. I have to remove the treat lure and keep asking for more steps. We are having lots of fun with this trick!

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Java’s frisbee tricks [video]

Here are a few of Java’s latest frisbee tricks: leg jump, go thru legs, wait & get it, go around, jump over me.


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Java’s rear end awareness – pivoting exercise [video]

This is a rear end awareness exercise that teaches the dog to move his/her rear end around while keeping his/her front paws on a book, mat or stepping stool. Rear end awareness is a foundation for complex behaviors.

This is just the beginning of this exercise. I still have to teach Java to do free rotation and eventually remove the mat.

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Tessa’s cop cop – latest training session [video]

We have gotten to the step where we begin to take small steps. Tessa had a few training sessions getting into position with the book, but now she can do it on the ground.

Now, we’ll be working on taking more steps forward.

[youtube nYSaqzra-TY max max 169]

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Tessa learning cop-cop [video]

Tessa is learning the trick “Cop-cop” – your feet on mine. I started off having her go between my legs and then target my feet, one at a time. She had a hard time targeting both my feet at the same time, so I came up with this idea, teaching her to put her front paws on a stool and then put her front paws on my feet while I’m standing on the stool. I am working on the position with Tessa and then, I will remove the stool or transition to a book or shorter object. This technique is similar to the Kikopup method except you stand on the object rather than having it between your legs.

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