How to Teach Cop Cop/Your Feet on Mine [video]

Here’s a tutorial of how to teach cop cop or your feet on mine. I can up with this method on my own and it has worked well with Tessa. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or message me. Thanks!

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Stella’s Tricks ~ week #1 [video]

Introducing Stella the goat!

Stella is a 16-week-old Nigerian Dwarf/fainting cross goat who loves learning and performing her tricks. I began clicker training with her on June 16th and boy, does she learn fast! In this video, she shows off all the tricks she has learned so far.

Thanks for watching! Leave a comment here or on YouTube…we’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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Smiling Horse [video]

Here is a short movie of my friend’s horse, Hulani, smiling. My friend taught Hulani this trick.

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Tessa’s newest trick – clicker games [video]

Here is a short film of Tessa’s newest trick, go into the box and dig. I call it “Bath time” because she gets baths in this tub and she usually digs in the water. I know that it is a weird cue, but I had to come up with one on the spot and I didn’t want to use “dig”.

Tessa came up with this trick when we were playing clicker games. Clicker games teach your dog to be creative in the behaviors that they come up with. This trick was all her idea!

I will soon be making a tutorial of how to play clicker games with your dog.

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