Pet trick contest – round 3 [video]

Thanks so much for entering! This is the third and final round, I have picked three of the five contestants to move on to this round. Watch the video to see who. This round will determine the winner. Good luck!

Here’s a list of the round three tricks:
– Roll over
– Dig or paw at ground
– Cop cop
– Jump through arms/hoop
– Play dead (or go to sleep)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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Stella’s entry to Mikamoo’s contest [video]

This is Stella’s entry to Mikamoo’s (teamtikaani1) contest. In this video, Stella walks on her back legs, does cop cop and bows. All of Stella’s tricks are trained using clicker training. Tricks are her favorite thing to do. Whenever there’s a treat present, she is busy offering behaviors trying to figure out which trick she has to do to get the treat. 🙂

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Pet trick contest – round 2 [video]

Thank you to everyone who entered in my contest! I have carefully chosen five contestants to move on to round 2.

Here are the tricks for round 2:

-Push ball with nose
-Weave walk (or agility weave poles for smaller animals)
-Sit pretty/beg

Note to bird trainers: Your bird may do a bow like a human would, bobbing their body down then up.

If you have any question, please leave a comment below. Please go to YouTube to make your entry a video response. Thanks!

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Pet trick contest – round 1 (closed) [video]

This round is now closed, click here for round 2. Please go to YouTube to make your entry a video response. Thanks!


Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has subscribed to my channel. It really means a lot to me. Thank you all so much!

I am holding a pet trick contest! Any pet may enter. Here are the rules and guidelines.

– You must be subscribed to my channel to enter
– You must train with positive reinforcement/clicker training
– Your entry must be a video response to this video

There will be three rounds. Once I have an idea of how many people will enter, I’ll know how many I’ll pick to go to the next round. This round will close July 30.

I’m still not sure what the prizes will be, but I’m thinking about creating an ebook with my own pet treat recipes and if I do, that will be the prize.

Round 1 tricks:

Nose target
Paw target
Paws up
Go between
Speak (vocalize)

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or message me. Thanks!

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Stella’s Tricks ~ week #1 [video]

Introducing Stella the goat!

Stella is a 16-week-old Nigerian Dwarf/fainting cross goat who loves learning and performing her tricks. I began clicker training with her on June 16th and boy, does she learn fast! In this video, she shows off all the tricks she has learned so far.

Thanks for watching! Leave a comment here or on YouTube…we’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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Lia and the Goats’ Special Meal [video]

We like to make our pets’ meals fun every once and a while by giving them “human food” made specially for them. Today, Lia and the goats enjoy a delicious Garden Salad with olive oil vinaigrette. Lia and the kids found other things to be tastier, but Luna enjoyed the food.

We always make sure that the foods that we give our pets are not toxic. 🙂

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Cosmo rides Lia [video]

My sister wanted to sit on Lia, the horse, while she was getting up. The baby goats wanted to join in too. Cosmo got to sit on Lia while she got up, but Stella fell off (but didn’t get hurt). My sister had to do an emergency dismount while holding Cosmo. I can’t believe I got this on video!

The kids just got disbudded yesterday, so that is why their heads look funny.


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Baby goats jump onto my back [video]

The 1 1/2 week old baby goats are starting to jump onto my back. They are getting better every day. I think that baby goats give the best back massages. 🙂

The music in this video can be found at: Freeplay Music

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3 day old baby goats

Here are some pictures of the baby goats. They are growing so fast!

The babies


Male baby sticking his tongue out at Stella


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3 day old baby goats [video]

Here is a movie of the baby goats when they were 3 days old.

The music in this video can be found at: Freeplay Music

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