Lia and the Goats’ Special Meal [video]

We like to make our pets’ meals fun every once and a while by giving them “human food” made specially for them. Today, Lia and the goats enjoy a delicious Garden Salad with olive oil vinaigrette. Lia and the kids found other things to be tastier, but Luna enjoyed the food.

We always make sure that the foods that we give our pets are not toxic. 🙂

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Baby goats [video]

Last night, my sister’s goat, Luna, gave birth to twins, a male and a female. Luna is a Nigerian Dwarf. The babies are about 10 hours old in this movie. The female, Estella, is black with white markings and moon spots and the male, Cosmo is black with moon spots.

Stay tuned for more of these little ones!

The music in this video can be found at: Freeplay Music


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