Pet trick contest – round 3 [video]

Thanks so much for entering! This is the third and final round, I have picked three of the five contestants to move on to this round. Watch the video to see who. This round will determine the winner. Good luck!

Here’s a list of the round three tricks:
– Roll over
– Dig or paw at ground
– Cop cop
– Jump through arms/hoop
– Play dead (or go to sleep)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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Java’s entry to Mikamoo’s contest [video]

This is Java’s entry to Mikamoo’s (teamtikaani1) contest. Java performs sit pretty, jump over a moving stick (sword fighting trick) and jump onto a rock. All of her tricks are trained using clicker training.



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Java’s entry to EpicTrickDogs trick challenge – leg weaves

This is Java’s entry to EpicTrickDogs’ trick challenge – leg weaves (with verbal cue only). Java is a 10 year old border collie who loves playing fetch, frisbee, learning and performing tricks, swimming and snuggling with people. For more of Java, go to this channel or our main channel:

EpicTrickDogs YouTube channel:

Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!

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Entry for MyAmazingPupJemma’s Contest – round 1 [video]

Java and Tessa’s entry for MyAmazingPupJemma’s trick and agilty contest, round 1. We had so much fun making this movie. Here’s the link to the contest video:

Java and Tessa are trained with Clicker Training. They love learning and performing tricks, swimming, playing fetch and frisbee and spending time with the family. They love learning and are a joy to train.


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Java’s Tricks and Agility [video]

Java performs tricks all taught with clicker training. Java is a purebred border collie who loves learning tricks, playing fetch, doing agiliy and snuggling. She is a really sweet dog and a joy to train.

In this movie, Java performs, go around my legs, jump through my arms, jump through my leg and arm, leg weaves, go under and over my leg, jump over my leg, wide circles, jump through my legs, roll over, go between, sit, sit pretty, jump over the stick, sword fighting trick, agility tunnel, agility jumps, boing, put away your toys.

This is our entry to KayKay77242’s trick and agility contest. Please enter if you haven’t already.




The music in this video can be found at: Freeplay Music

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Java’s braided pants

Today we were bored so we decided to braid Java’s “pants” (it’s what we call the fur on a long-haired dog’s upper leg.) I also braided her tail.


















It’s fun to do something unique or silly with your pets every once and awhile.

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Java’s trick show [video]

Java did a short trick show as a fundraiser for our school. She did really well considering that there was a mini horse, steer and dunk tank. She enjoyed all the attention.

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Pool fun with Java and Tessa [video]

Java and Tessa enjoyed a swim in the pool this afternoon. It is getting really warm here.

The music in this video can be found at: Freeplay Music

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How to Make a Fun and Easy High Value Reward for Your Dog! [video]

Here is another treat idea. This movie explains how to make a fun and easy high value reward for your dog.

If taken out of the freezer just before use, this treat can last a long time. I bring it with me all the time when I go on walks with Tessa up on the hill and practice recalls.

This treat can be given to a dog to keep him/her busy for about 15-30 minutes.

The music in this video can be found at: FreePlay Music

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Saint Patrick’s Day photos

Here are a few photos that were taken during our Saint Patrick’s Day movie.

Tessa performing "cop cop"












Tessa poses for a picture









Java running

























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