Proofing Tessa’s Stay by the Gate [video]

Here is a training session with Tessa proofing her default stay by the gate. When we arrive at the pasture gate, she sits and stays on her own (by default, without being cued) and stays there (but is allowed to go to a down) until she hears the release cue “Okay”. We have been working on this for awhile. Our next steps are to keep proofing with different distractions, duration and distances and work the the real release cue. 🙂


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Training sessions – Tulip and Socks [video]

Here is a short movie of the training sessions that I did today with Tulip and Socks. I am in the process of teaching Tulip to touch her nose to the end of a target stick.

Socks is the sweetest little kitty, but doesn’t care at all about treats or food. She would rather rub against me, sit in my lap or have me et her. This is really sweet, but makes motivating her in training a little trickier, so I am experimenting using praise and attention as a reward.

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Clicker training with Tulip the cat [video]

I have been training Tulip, one of our outdoor cats, she is so smart! I have been clicker training her for about a week now. She is so much fun to train. 🙂

We have four cats (Socks, Stripes, Tulip and Mollie). I have been able to train three of them, but Socks is a bit of a challenge. She is so affectionate and doesn’t care about the food (canned cat food) at all, she just wants to rub against me or sit in my lap. If you can help me with this, please email me or leave a comment. Thanks. 🙂

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