About me

Hello, I’m Tessa’s, Mollie’s and Tulip’s trainer. My favorite things to do include animal training, filming and editing videos, photography, playing the piano and cello, vegan cooking and spending time with Tessa.

I first found out about clicker training when seeing my friend my friend’s cat performing tricks. She had a clicker, but didn’t use it. I was very interested in how the clicker works, so I researched it. I soon got a clicker of my own and started training my cat, Mollie.┬áIn summer of 2011, our family was talking about getting a dog. I started researching dog training when I found kikopup’s youtube channel. I started watching her videos and learning more about Progressive Reinforcement and Clicker Training. I got my first dog, Tessa, July 9 that summer and immediately started teaching her tricks using these methods. You can see her first tricks video by clicking here. At 18 weeks, she learned 14 different tricks and obedience behaviors. I am constantly working on new tricks with Tessa and have had lots of success with this method. Not only does it work for tricks, but it can also be used for behavior modification. I love clicker training!

I enjoy both filming and editing videos. I use a Canon REBEL T3i to film and Final Cut Pro for editing.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Thanks for stopping by!

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