Java’s entry to Mikamoo’s contest [video]

This is Java’s entry to Mikamoo’s (teamtikaani1) contest. Java performs sit pretty, jump over a moving stick (sword fighting trick) and jump onto a rock. All of her tricks are trained using clicker training.



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Mollie’s entry to Mikamoo’s contest [video]

This is Mollie’s entry to Mikamoo’s (teamtikaani1) contest. Mollie performs the tricks wave, kiss and jump from one object to another. All of Mollie’s tricks are trained with clicker training which makes things fun for the both of us.

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Pet trick contest – round 2 [video]

Thank you to everyone who entered in my contest! I have carefully chosen five contestants to move on to round 2.

Here are the tricks for round 2:

-Push ball with nose
-Weave walk (or agility weave poles for smaller animals)
-Sit pretty/beg

Note to bird trainers: Your bird may do a bow like a human would, bobbing their body down then up.

If you have any question, please leave a comment below. Please go to YouTube to make your entry a video response. Thanks!

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Proofing Tessa’s Stay by the Gate [video]

Here is a training session with Tessa proofing her default stay by the gate. When we arrive at the pasture gate, she sits and stays on her own (by default, without being cued) and stays there (but is allowed to go to a down) until she hears the release cue “Okay”. We have been working on this for awhile. Our next steps are to keep proofing with different distractions, duration and distances and work the the real release cue. đŸ™‚


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How to Teach Cop Cop/Your Feet on Mine [video]

Here’s a tutorial of how to teach cop cop or your feet on mine. I can up with this method on my own and it has worked well with Tessa. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or message me. Thanks!

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LilyMay2105 contest entry – round 1 [video]

This is our entry to LilyMay2105’s trick contest. Tessa and Mollie are trained with Clicker training. They love learning and performing tricks.



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Our entry to MyAmazingPupJemma’s trick contest – round 3 [video]

This is our entry for the third and final round of MyAmazingPupJemma’s trick contest. We hope you enjoy!

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Reward Your Dog Without Treats or Toys [video]

Here is a short tutorial of how to reward your dog without treats or toys – by playing chase! I was just practicing Tessa’s tricks, working on a little routine and once we finished the tricks, we ran around together. She loved it and it really helped her focus on me more. I did notice that she was bitting at my legs (probably a herding instinct). If your dog does this, stop playing right away (without using a NRM). You can also avoid this problem by playing chase with your dog and clicking before they nip, the tossing a treat or toy.

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Pet trick contest – round 1 (closed) [video]

This round is now closed, click here for round 2. Please go to YouTube to make your entry a video response. Thanks!


Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has subscribed to my channel. It really means a lot to me. Thank you all so much!

I am holding a pet trick contest! Any pet may enter. Here are the rules and guidelines.

– You must be subscribed to my channel to enter
– You must train with positive reinforcement/clicker training
– Your entry must be a video response to this video

There will be three rounds. Once I have an idea of how many people will enter, I’ll know how many I’ll pick to go to the next round. This round will close July 30.

I’m still not sure what the prizes will be, but I’m thinking about creating an ebook with my own pet treat recipes and if I do, that will be the prize.

Round 1 tricks:

Nose target
Paw target
Paws up
Go between
Speak (vocalize)

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or message me. Thanks!

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How to Make Kibble Kongs for Your Dog! [video]

Here is a short tutorial of how to make some fun and easy kibble kongs for your dog. If you come up with your own kong, make a short video of your dog eating it and post it as a video response!

If you’d like, you can use cream cheese instead of peanut butter. If the kong uses peanut butter/cream cheese, you can freeze it.

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