Dog Trick Contest [Closed] [video]

on May 24, 2012

I am holding my very first dog trick contest! To enter, you must be subscribed to my channel, ClickerPets. You can enter a maximum of 4 tricks total (this means that you can enter 2 tricks in one of the categories, if you want). If you have multiple dogs, still follow the rest of the rules and make 1 entry for your dogs. Make a video response to this movie with your entry. This contest will close on June 10 or until I get 10+ entries.

Guidelines for “Unique trick (that you made up)”:
This trick HAS to be one that you made up. I will not count common, known dog tricks. This trick cannot be a behavior chain of common dog tricks but can be a variation of different tricks (like “cop-cop/your feet on mine” with your dog facing you, walking backwards while you walk forwards, or forwards while you walk backwards). Just be creative and think outside the box! 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 🙂

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Cute trick winner:

delilah443 with Chance performing “Surf the web”

Runners up:
anneandresen1 with Balto: Pull a blanket over yourself and go to sleep
CarmalandShivon with Shivon: Suck pacifier and be shy
alannadaine with Bella: Be shy
yeodog14 with Lucy: Be shy
CarmelandShivon with Carmel: Pray

Helpful trick winners:

KayKay77242 with Shanell performing “Get the mail”
Heroicmoments with Hero performing “Get a drink from the fridge”

Runners up:
CarmelandShivon with Carmel: Take off sweater
alannadaine with Bella: Bring my keys
delilah443 with Chance: Take socks off
delilah443 with Shiloh: Unzip my jacket
anneandresen1 with Balto: Untie my shoes

Unique trick winner:
alannadaine with Bella performing “Paw stacking”

Runners up:

eliluvsdice with Kodi: Fetch me a flower
heroicmoments with Hero: Bark to blow a bubble
LilyMay2105 with Lily: Open pillow pet
yeodog14 with Lucy: Put penny and checker in jar

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