Java’s Tricks and Agility [video]

Java performs tricks all taught with clicker training. Java is a purebred border collie who loves learning tricks, playing fetch, doing agiliy and snuggling. She is a really sweet dog and a joy to train.

In this movie, Java performs, go around my legs, jump through my arms, jump through my leg and arm, leg weaves, go under and over my leg, jump over my leg, wide circles, jump through my legs, roll over, go between, sit, sit pretty, jump over the stick, sword fighting trick, agility tunnel, agility jumps, boing, put away your toys.

This is our entry to KayKay77242’s trick and agility contest. Please enter if you haven’t already.




The music in this video can be found at:Β Freeplay Music

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Tips on dog to dog food aggression

Here are some tips on solving dog to dog food aggression. Always remember to be wise and safe when dealing with aggression, with more serious cases, consult with a professional.
– Separate the dogs during feeding when you can’t train.
– Have both dogs on leash at a distance from each other. (If possible, have a harness on the aggressive dog because if she were to pull or lunge, the pressure on her neck would send stress hormones to the brain making training harder.) Set the food bowls down and give the aggressive dog treats for eating without growling or looking at the other dog without growling or showing other aggressive signs. If she can’t eat in the presence of the other dog without growling, try it with a closed door between the dogs. Have the aggressive dog in the hall and the other dog in the closed room. (If the aggressive dog were in the closed room, she might feel cornered when she comes out. If possible, in the beginning, have the aggressive dog leave the from outside the door before the other dog comes out.) As your aggressive dog builds confidence, open the door a crack, then a bit more. As she continues to succeed, start having the dogs on leash and at a distance from each other. Slowly decrease the distance until they are side by side – always keeping things safe and controlled.
– Sometimes aggression can be attached to the food bowl. If this is so with your dog, try feeding her in some other container or even just putting the kibble on the floor. Don’t leave her food bowl out for her to guard when the other dog is around.
– Here’s a link to one of my favorite dog trainer’s videos. This is specifically for teaching a dog his name, but the little exercise she does (saying one dog’s name, giving them a treat, saying the other dog’s name, giving them a treat) will teach your new dog to be patient and wait for food/treats. She’ll learn that she will get her treat eventually and doesn’t have to guard it. You could use your dog’s meals for this exercise, just feed by hand and don’t have the bowls nearby if your dog guards her bowl. She doesn’t even have to know it’s her meal.

Does your new dog have any food aggression towards you (even a minor case)? If so, solving that first might give you a little head start to solving her food aggression to other dogs. If her trust is already in you, she’ll probably have an easier time learning to trust the other dog.

Remember to keep calm if your dog growls or reacts. Yelling or getting excited will excite your dog too. The goal is to teach her dog that having the other dog around her food isn’t something to be worried about or afraid of and with clicker training, you can teach that.

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Cosmo’s New Trick [video]

My sister has taught Cosmo to walk on his back legs. He is still learning this trick, but this is how far he has gotten.

Cosmo’s favorite game is “More Salad.” It is a game on the iPhone and you can make a salad and choose your own toppings. Cosmo makes his own salad with it. πŸ™‚

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Dog Trick Contest [Closed] [video]

I am holding my very first dog trick contest! To enter, you must be subscribed to my channel, ClickerPets. You can enter a maximum of 4 tricks total (this means that you can enter 2 tricks in one of the categories, if you want). If you have multiple dogs, still follow the rest of the rules and make 1 entry for your dogs. Make a video response to this movie with your entry. This contest will close on June 10 or until I get 10+ entries.

Guidelines for “Unique trick (that you made up)”:
This trick HAS to be one that you made up. I will not count common, known dog tricks. This trick cannot be a behavior chain of common dog tricks but can be a variation of different tricks (like “cop-cop/your feet on mine” with your dog facing you, walking backwards while you walk forwards, or forwards while you walk backwards). Just be creative and think outside the box! πŸ™‚

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. πŸ™‚

My Flickr Photo-stream:

The music in this video can be found at:




Cute trick winner:

delilah443 with Chance performing “Surf the web”

Runners up:
anneandresen1 with Balto: Pull a blanket over yourself and go to sleep
CarmalandShivon with Shivon: Suck pacifier and be shy
alannadaine with Bella: Be shy
yeodog14 with Lucy: Be shy
CarmelandShivon with Carmel: Pray

Helpful trick winners:

KayKay77242 with Shanell performing “Get the mail”
Heroicmoments with Hero performing “Get a drink from the fridge”

Runners up:
CarmelandShivon with Carmel: Take off sweater
alannadaine with Bella: Bring my keys
delilah443 with Chance: Take socks off
delilah443 with Shiloh: Unzip my jacket
anneandresen1 with Balto: Untie my shoes

Unique trick winner:
alannadaine with Bella performing “Paw stacking”

Runners up:

eliluvsdice with Kodi: Fetch me a flower
heroicmoments with Hero: Bark to blow a bubble
LilyMay2105 with Lily: Open pillow pet
yeodog14 with Lucy: Put penny and checker in jar

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Tessa’s final round entry for eliluvsdice’s contest [video]

This is the our entry for the third and final round of eliluvsdice’s contest. We had lots of fun learning the tricks for it and I had a lot of fun making the movie. πŸ™‚

It’s funny. I always enter the day before the contest closes. πŸ™‚

The music in this video can be found at: Freeplay Music


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Java’s braided pants

Today we were bored so we decided to braid Java’s “pants” (it’s what we call the fur on a long-haired dog’s upper leg.) I also braided her tail.


















It’s fun to do something unique or silly with your pets every once and awhile.

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New frisbee trick – jump over my legs [video]

I Β just taught Tessa the “Jump over my legs” catch for when you are sitting on the ground. I had already been doing those multiple frisbee drills (what I was doing at the beginning) so it was really easy for her to learn this.

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Tessa tries to howl with peanut butter in her mouth [video]

Tessa attempts to howl while trying to lick peanut butter off her lips.


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Tessa’s entry for eliluvsdice’s trick contest – Round 2 [video]

This is our entry Eliluvsdice’s trick contest, second round.




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GoneToTheDoggy photo contest – Tessa’s entry [video]

This is our entry for GoneToTheDoggy’s photo contest. We had a blast putting it together and taking the photos for it.

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