New frisbees from Hero Discs [video]

We just got our new frisbees from Hero Discs. I was so excited that I had to try them out, even though it was raining. Tessa didn’t mind the rain. She needed a little time to get used to the frisbees and then, she got it. I think that these frisbees are really going to benefit her, she really needed some better frisbees.

Incase you’re wondering, we got the Hero Distance and the Hero Air.

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Tessa’s newest trick – clicker games [video]

Here is a short film of Tessa’s newest trick, go into the box and dig. I call it “Bath time” because she gets baths in this tub and she usually digs in the water. I know that it is a weird cue, but I had to come up with one on the spot and I didn’t want to use “dig”.

Tessa came up with this trick when we were playing clicker games. Clicker games teach your dog to be creative in the behaviors that they come up with. This trick was all her idea!

I will soon be making a tutorial of how to play clicker games with your dog.

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Tessa plays frisbee – practicing throws [video]

Here is a movie of our latest frisbee tricks, butterfly throw, off the wall and behind the back throws. I’m not that good at throwing, but Tessa makes up for it with the catching. 🙂

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Fun and recalls [video]

Here is a movie of me practicing recalls with Tessa as well as other fun things that we do up on the hill. Socks, the cat, likes to follow us and watch Tessa. Socks doesn’t like walking on grass, so she either jumps from rock to rock, or sits in one spot until we have gotten far away from her and then, she comes running up to us as fast as she can.

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3 day old baby goats

Here are some pictures of the baby goats. They are growing so fast!

The babies


Male baby sticking his tongue out at Stella


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Off the wall frisbee catches [video]

This is Tessa’s first time catching frisbees that are being thrown against a wall. She did pretty well and caught most of them.

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Mollie’s 4 tricks [video]

Here is a short movie of Mollie’s tricks, beg, shake, wave and sit. I just wanted to post a short movie of her tricks because she know the verbal cues for them now. In my movie “Mollie’s 14 tricks” on my main channel, she only knew the hand signals. She is getting better.

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3 day old baby goats [video]

Here is a movie of the baby goats when they were 3 days old.

The music in this video can be found at: Freeplay Music

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Baby goats [video]

Last night, my sister’s goat, Luna, gave birth to twins, a male and a female. Luna is a Nigerian Dwarf. The babies are about 10 hours old in this movie. The female, Estella, is black with white markings and moon spots and the male, Cosmo is black with moon spots.

Stay tuned for more of these little ones!

The music in this video can be found at: Freeplay Music


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Tessa plays with Jak [video]

Here is a movie of Tessa playing with her friend, Jak. They have lots of fun together!

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