Tessa Blows Bubbles

Tessa puts her nose into a bowl of water and blows out through her nose, creating bubbles! NanaBorderCollie helped me when teaching this trick. Here is the link to her tutorial.

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Tessa’s Water Play [video]

Tessa LOVES playing with water and dragging the hose around afterwards…

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Mollie’s 14 Tricks [video]

Mollie performs 14 tricks: sit, shake, high five, wave, kiss, reach down, paws on my arm, target, paws on the wall, jump to other stool, jump thru my arms, paws on the scratch post (from stool and from the floor) and beg for wet food.

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Tessa’s Leave It [video]

Tessa demonstrates a leave it taught without intimidation or force. This means that I am reinforcing her for leaving the item instead of punishing her for trying to get it.

Here is a link to Kikopup’s movie “How to teach leave it without intimidation”.

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Tessa Reads [video]

Tessa shows off her reading skills at 20 weeks. Tessa is really reading the word from the paper and knows the difference between the words. I’m not giving her any cues other than the word on the paper.

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