Jasper Plays the Piano

Here is a short video of Jasper playing the piano. He loves walking back and forth across the keys, especially while I’m practicing.

Thanks for watching!

I’ll be posting some dog training tutorials this week.

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Pictures of the Kitten

Here are my latest pictures of the kitten.









































He loves to hide under towels and blankets.



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A new addition!

I have a very exciting announcement. This Tuesday, October 30, I brought home my very first Bengal cat. He is a brown rosetted with lots of glitter. Bengals are a hybrid cat, a cross of the Asian Leopard Cat and domestic cats. This breeding resulted in a high energy, intelligent cat with a wild appearance, yet tame disposition.

































Here are some videos of him and updates on how he’s doing:

Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to my channel for more updates and check back here on the blog for more info and updates about him and Bengal cats.

Oh, and if you have any name suggestions, please leave your ideas in the comments below. I’m looking for an exotic name, but not overly exotic.

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Dog training tips

I’m starting to get a lot of animal training questions (mostly asking how to solve dog behavioral problems) from my YouTube viewers. While I message back the asker, doing my best to answer their question, I thought, that maybe others could benefit from my advice. Here’s a list of the information that I share with other animal trainers. I hope that you can benefit from it.

• Tips on solving dog to dog food aggression 

• How to teach your dog or puppy not to chase or mouth brooms or mops


I’ll continue to round up more tips as I collect them and add more as I answer more questions.

If you have a animal training question, feel free to contact me via email (, in the comments section below or by messaging me on YouTube.

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Pet trick contest – winner! [video]

Here is the results video! Thanks to all of the talented trainers and pets who entered my contest. I had a lot of fun watching your entries, I hope that you all had fun! I’m planning more contests as well as a pet agility contest, a photo contest and a fun dog trick contest.

The contestants listed in the video are the round three contestants. Here is a list of all of the contestants’ channels. Click on a username to view their channel.


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Teach your dog to put their toys away – PART 2 – Shape Fest 2012 [video]

Here’s part 2 of the tutorial of how to teach your dog to put their toys away using Free Shaping. Free shaping is rewarding approximations until you reach the final behavior without giving any prompts. The dog offers behaviors and you shape them.

“Put away your toys” is a cute and helpful trick. I like using Free Shaping to teach this trick because you never get stuck having a verbal cue or pointing for you dog to get the toy. With this technique, your dog learns to go directly to the next toy after putting one away. Let me know how this works for you!

This tutorial is for the 2012 Shape Fest. Any positive dog trainers can post trick tutorials using Free Shaping, just put in the title “Shape Fest 2012.” Feel free to post your tutorial/s as a video response to this video too!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

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Pet trick contest – round 3 [video]

Thanks so much for entering! This is the third and final round, I have picked three of the five contestants to move on to this round. Watch the video to see who. This round will determine the winner. Good luck!

Here’s a list of the round three tricks:
– Roll over
– Dig or paw at ground
– Cop cop
– Jump through arms/hoop
– Play dead (or go to sleep)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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Tessa’s entry to Mikamoo’s contest [video]

This is Tessa’s entry to Mikamoo’s (teamtikaani1) contest. Tessa puts her toys away in a box, runs backwards around my legs and blows bubbles through her nose in a bowl of water. Tessa is trained using clicker training. She loves learning and performing tricks, especially the hard ones.

Click here for the contest video.

PS: For those of you who have been waiting so patiently, I have uploaded part 2 of the “Put away your toys” trick tutorial, click here.

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Tulip’s entry to Mikamoo’s contest [video]

This is Tulip’s entry to Mikamoo’s (teamtikaani1) contest. In this video, Tulip performs her two tricks, touch nose to target stick and sit pretty. Tulip’s tricks are trained with clicker training. She loves every moment of training.

Click here for the contest video.

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Stella’s entry to Mikamoo’s contest [video]

This is Stella’s entry to Mikamoo’s (teamtikaani1) contest. In this video, Stella walks on her back legs, does cop cop and bows. All of Stella’s tricks are trained using clicker training. Tricks are her favorite thing to do. Whenever there’s a treat present, she is busy offering behaviors trying to figure out which trick she has to do to get the treat. 🙂

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